Ray of Sunshine


April 22, 2013… Letter to the Editor of the Gainesville Sun about Mr. Horace ‘Charlie, Skeet’ Garrison.  Such a wonderful compliment for our ‘Well Known Home Town Hero’… a must share….

Ray of sunshine

If you want to smile and feel good on your morning commute, drive past the entrance to Mebane Middle School in Alachua. I do not know the crossing guard’s name but he is a gem. Each time I have the pleasure to drive to work on County Road 241 (once this week) I smile and think we should all enjoy our job as much as he does.

This gentleman always has a genuine smile on his face and gives an enthusiastic wave to each car or motorcycle that passes by. With all the tragedies going on in the world, he is a ray of sunshine. Whoever you are, sir, your smile and wave means so much to so many and I want to say thank you!   Sue Fouke,  Alachua