Lewis Mann Digital Art


Digital Photography Artist Lewis Mann has graciously allowed VisitAlachua.org to use his images.

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ABOUT LEWIS:  I took my first photograph in 1960 at age 13.  My parents let me use their Polaroid with black & white film. I was hooked.  I shot everything. I have no idea what happened to any of those pictures LewisMannFace.     


I began shooting 35mm in college (1966) with a Miranda G that I bought with my summer job earnings. By 1968 I had acquired my first Nikon F. I soon acquired a 2nd Nikon and a small collection of lenses. I was intruiged by wide-angle lenses and the black & white results I obtained back then.  Many moons have passed. Now I shoot with the Nikon D7100 DSLR while my Nikon D3100 sits on a shelf. I still love wide-angle images. You will see that most of my work is done with a very wide-angle lens (Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24mm zoom). And yet, I am also rediscovering the joys (and utility) of telephoto lenses (Nikkor AF-S DX VR 55-300mm zoom).

I am retired now and find that I am utterly consumed with making photographic images. I enjoy the processing as much as the shooting. I like vivid color. That will become apparent as you browse my growing collection. I have hundreds of images to load. It will take time.  If you purchase any images taken at the Retirement Home For Horses, my share of the proceeds will be donated to this non-profit organization.

Come back and visit often as I will be constantly adding images.